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Smart Corporation Couples Creative Company

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For a newly listed high-tech corporation, one of the concerns is to improve its public figure, especially as new premises for headquarter is under construction. 

In Guangzhou, during the building and decorating the headquarter combined with the R&D research center, whose owner, Newise Intelligence China limited, thinks different, too, since it’s the leading cloud computing and intelligent system provider in Asia. And it has been deeply involved in the smart city and smart security field. 

Distinguishing from others, it applies all the latest building materials into new offices, and eventually turns them into a smart building. What catches their eyes are true wood panels imported from Buma, carbon-crystal wall panels manufactured by Happiness®. When a VIP guest reaches floors 13-15, the elegance of the decorating style would leave quite an impression on the visitor.

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Room 5003-2, 5th Floor, Dagang Road No.2, Baiyun Lake Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China
Guangzhou Kangzhihe Building Materials Co., Ltd.
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