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Newspaper headlines: 'Sunak set for No10'

publish:2022-10-24 09:28:26   source : BBC    views :97
unknown BBC publish:2022-10-24 09:28:26  

Monday's newspapers are dominated by Boris Johnson's decision not to run for PM.

The Times says Rishi Sunak is paving the way to become Britain's next prime minister and he could be named as Liz Truss's successor as soon as Monday.

The paper says it represents a "significant climbdown" by Johnson after he "told his supporters he was planning to stand" and claimed he had the support of 102 Tory MPs.

The i Newspaper says that Sunak is the favourite for No10 after "big-name Tories desert Boris Johnson". It says Mordaunt's allies believe she can now pick up the support of Johnson's supporters to stay in the race.

The Guardian says that Johnson struggled to get the backing of enough Conservative MPs after "more senior party figures cautioned that a Johnson comeback would lead to chaos and an early election".

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