About Us, About Happiness
20 or more years witnessed our brand Happiness’ s dedication toinnovative building materials, particularly in China’ s wall panel
Happiness is an advanced producer’s brand
Flash to late 1990s, we become a pioneer in reinvention and marketing of the WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) skirting board. Along with the high technologies finding their way into paneling, we have expanded production lines up to 6 with the capacity of 28 million square feet per year. The types of products range from paneling, ceiling, to flooring and trimming, while the latest materials such as Bamboo Wood Fiber, Carbonized Polymer, Chromed Aluminum are successfully exploited during the manufacture.
Happiness is a market-oriented supplier’s hallmark
For rapid response to clients, today about 14 thousand units of
ready-made inventory are piled up in 2 center warehouses of 21 thousand square feet. And 2 showcases, 2 offices are opened in
Guangzhou, Foshan of Guangdong province. Up to late 2021,another 2 new warehouses for wholesale are established by our
exclusive partners in Hainan, Sichuan province. Meanwhile, 5 online shops are available to millions of thousands of Chinese customers.
Happiness is to be an international trademark
Behind the increasing exports volume of building materials from China, we are also a contributor to transactions with the foreign trade companies, thus spreading our goods to Southeast Asia, EU,
North America and so forth. Now we are confident that our upmarket manufactures at the most competitive prices shall meet your order. It’s our honor to be one of your global business alliances.
Room 5003-2, 5th Floor, Dagang Road No.2, Baiyun Lake Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China
Guangzhou Kangzhihe Building Materials Co., Ltd.
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